Dear R7-4thMix players in overseas. Please read this all. In this time we'll tell you almost all.
(Latest Update : 1,Mar 2013)
First we apologize you that our English skills is not good enough. We are producing R7-4thMix without any benefits because earn the money is not our purpose. We want to share the fun of "Dance Game" anytime. Unfortunately, there is the people who makes disgrace to our contents. For example, some people uses our music, graphic and stepcharts to other StepMania package without permission. For also example, some people writes a lot of fake information about our contents. They makes us be disappointed. If these copyright infringements still continue, WE CAN STOP IN ANYTIME TO SHARE THE NEW SONGS, GRAPHICS and STEPCHARTS. seems not to stop. So we decided to show who recently makes disgrace to our contents.
His name is Dedy Gunawan, also known as Nintendo Fiesta, BemaniSMfan and Mery125.
----- ABOUT HIM ----- [ NAMES HE OFTEN USE ] Dedy Gunawan Dedyboy100 Tangkap100 BemaniSMfan Mery125 Nintendo Fiesta (Probably there is more aliases of him any other.) [ COUNTRY ] Indonesia (Jakarta / source : HIS TWITTER and access log) [ MAYBE HE USES ] Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:14.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/14.0.1 (DISPLAY:1024x768) Mozilla/5.0 (BlackBerry; U; BlackBerry 9220; id) AppleWebKit/534.11+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/ Mobile Safari/534.11+ Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.2.18154/28.3590; U; id) Presto/2.8.119 Version/11.10 Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.2.18154/28.3692; U; id) Presto/2.8.119 Version/11.10 NokiaC3-00/5.0 (03.35) Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 Mozilla/5.0 AppleWebKit/420+ (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/420+ [ HOST NAME ] (AA and AAA means randomized number) (and more) [ IP ADDRESS ] (NNN means randomized number) 110.138.NNN.NNN 125.161.NNN.NNN 141.0.NNN.NNN 180.243.NNN.NNN 180.244.NNN.NNN 180.252.NNN.NNN 180.253.NNN.NNN (and more) [ OTHER INFORMATION ] HIS TWITTER (@Dedyboy100) HIS ACCOUNT OF ZIV HIS alt ACCOUNT OF ZIV HIS ACCOUNT OF ZIV (BemaniSMfan) HIS ACCOUNT OF ZIV (Mery125) HIS WEBSITE 1 (Deleted) HIS WEBSITE 2
----- WHAT HE DID ----- According to this, he uploaded the songs, graphics and stepcharts of "SECTION", "Neglected society", "DiSASTER", "Δt SHiiiiiFT!!!!!", "OVER THE TEMPEST" from R7-3rdMix -The City- without our permission. We checked that. Certainly there were our files that was copied by him. Now these files are not exist. (Thanks for your report to the forum.) Next, he wrote about "fake R7-4thMix contents" in his website. His page is here. (add : He deleted the page after he saw here but still there is our background image.) You can view the backup. Click here (To click the link in next page to show it). There is no means to delete the page because we captured. Here is a Cache Page. There is the name of fxxkin writer, Dedy Gunawan.
He stole the name of "R7-4thMix -Phase 2 Phase-" and ALL OF THE TITLES of the song. He wrote a lot of fakes as if R7-4thMix have to do with KONAMI and Nintendo. (How the nonsense is this... That is rudeness against KONAMI and Nintendo!) He also stole a background picture from our website. The picture was made by our staff (Goma). There is no songs and stepcharts but still there is the possibility to upload our files in somewhere again. When this was posted, he deleted the name of Dedy Gunawan from his website. And he changed the title of his website with the description "Since : 2013.1.22". Is he tried to escape from us? By the way, there is still a list of movies he uploaded.
We can find easily that he used a lot of our works. Of course, he has no permission. Lists of the songs can be seen in his website too. There is a lot of song titles from R7Mix, TDR-Mix, D3MIX(and Vocalosteps) and more... (example 1, 2, 3) Maybe all of them doesn't get permission to use from each creators. These lists means that "He will publish these files in the near future". NO KIDDING.
WHAT? MK5 at the package of "Legend of Zelda"???? MK5 is the song in R7-4thMix -Phase 2 Phase-!
He uploaded the movie "R7-3rdMix and R7-4thMix page cannot view" and pasted it on his Twitter and . Why he doesn't create his original package (the songs, graphics and stepcharts) by himself, even though he has plenty of time to create such a fxxkin' movie? Why only he couldn't view our website? It's easy. We had not banned any people but ONLY HIM. So BemaniSMfan is Dedy Gunawan. That's almost all. Probably there are still many thefts committed by him that we don't realize yet. The reason of ban? Is there any need to describe about it more?
Now he seems to use a proxy and download our new phase. Maybe he makes disgrace it again and again as before what he did in the past. We thought so.
This post proves it. He copied and pasted pics as if he ridicule us...
take a look...
He infringed AGAIN an hour ago.
As far as we know, R7MIX, D3MIX(and Vocalosteps), Panzer Force and TDR-MIX were damaged by him.
(added in 7,Feb) AN INFRINGEMENT HAPPENED AGAIN. He published a package. It contains some songs from Japanese StepMania packages. My friend; rairin (author of TDR-MIX Series) mentioned about it. Check it out now. It seems that this package has been removed, but still alive in his Skydrive.
(added in 8,Feb) He appeared in ZIV again because he blocked by TDR-MIX. He deleted some pages and the package. Later he wrote this.
"aslo"? "inculced"?? "backgound"??? "exmpale"???? I can't understand them. May someone tell me how I can read this.
Though, there are still a lot of videos. They include our songs, fake credits(example: wrote as if the song composed by U1-ASAMi), fake comment descriptions and a lot of trademarks from the game. There are still exist some Google docs too. He MUST delete them COMPLETELY. He MUST delete his youtube account.
Also D3MIX(and Vocalosteps)(and Vocalosteps), XXmiX and Panzer Force were still damaged by him. There are still a lot of videos which we can check our music's title in MUSIC SELECT. So I say again and again, HE MUST DELETE HIS YOUTUBE ACCOUNT COMPLETELY. HE MUST DELETE ALL OF THE VIDEOS. He uploaded a text and video.
This is the video with the song "Keep On Going" from R7-3rdMix. Of course, he's not permitted to use this. INFRINGED AGAIN AND AGAIN. The music is so noisy that I can't hear anything. lol
He seems to delete some videos but D3, XX and PF songs. He thinks that stealing simfiles other than R7 and TDR is OK. IDIOT. We don't want to see my friends' works infringed by him anymore. He said that he just deleted all of the videos related to R7 and TDR, but... He can't understand which videos he must delete because he infringed too much. That's why we suggest to delete the account. IF HE DELETE HIS YOUTUBE ACCOUNT COMPLETELY, HE CAN DELETE ALL OF THE VIDEOS VERY EASILY.
(added in 9,Feb) When he removed all of the videos, we will trust his word "I promise I do not change anymore". Dedy, you must not to change any of R7MIX, TDR-Mix, D3MIX(and Vocalosteps), Panzer Force, XXmiX and other packages. We have nothing to do with Konami and Nintendo. We have nothing to do with Konami and Nintendo. We have nothing to do with Konami and Nintendo. We have nothing to do with Konami and Nintendo. W E H A V E N O T H I N G T O D O W I T H K O N A M I A N D N I N T E N D O . (It's very important so we wrote again and again.) Why don't you try to compose the music, create your original graphic and stepchart by yourself like us?
(added in 17,Feb) He restarted the blog as "Nintendo Fiesta". And paste some picture and text. Take a look at this.
Before to see this blog, we planned to remove all of the limits in this week. Now our plan has changed...conglaturations. We still continue to regulate access.
DEDY, IF YOU READ THIS, YOU MUST DELETE ALL TEXTS, PICTURES AND MOVIES. You must learn about copyrights before to use the internet. Shame on you, Dedy Gunawan.
He use "afflatus" from R7-4thMix without permission, and then... NEXT HE STOLE OUR "NAME"!! UNBELIEVABLE!! WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH DEDY'S FUCKIN PROJECTS.

(added in 18,Feb) When I say "Delete all videos" again and again to Dedy directly, he said that...
It seems that he can't understand what I said. He can't understand the means of "delete", "all" and "videos". He should learn English.
Not to delete a youtube account means that there is a possiblity that he infringe copyrights again.
(added in 19,Feb) He wrote and deleted this. We don't know why he deleted.
(added in 25,Feb)
He used our contents again and again and again and ... so we restarted to regulate some accesses from Indonesia.

(added in 26,Feb) We can't delete this page because we can confirm NO sign of regret from him. We can see frivolous attitude of him only. He said that he deleted these videos in this awful video, but according to YouTube, these videos were set to be secret. Not Deleted! He keep telling a lie to us... We can't remove the regulations right now, because we can't believe in this liar soon.
(added in 1,Mar) All of what written in this page is the fact. Surely these are what he did. It's not a lie. These are evidences. That's why we don't delete this page. This page still exists whenever he makes us disgrace. When he disappear from the Internet, this page will be disappear too.
No apology "for us" comes from him yet. He doesn't have a common sense. We recommend you to blame him when you saw in somewhere.

We want you not to do such things. If someone continue to infringement copyrights, we will lose ALL OF THE MOTIVATION and then finally we can share NOTHING.
- - - - - - - - - - Do NOT modify information of all songs. Do NOT modify information of ANY packages. (For example, R7MIX, TDR-Mix, etc... ALL PACKAGES!!) Do NOT use the graphics and stepcharts that we produced for R7MIX and its websites. Do NOT use R7MIX-Crew's name as if we related to your project. (NONSENSE. That is rudeness against us.) Contact to composer if you want to use the song and its information. Then you may can be get the permission. (Each composers have their songs' copyrights and the rules of to use. It's a COMMON SENSE, isn't it??) WE ARE NOT THE CREATOR OF MATERIAL FOR YOUR PRODUCTS!! - - - - - - - - - - Our contents are protected by Japanese Copyright Law. - - - - - - - - - -
Exceptionally, posting the result is good, we think. To paste the link to us on your website does NOT means that you can use our works. I'm sorry to block some innocent Indonesians. Please wait for a moment until the problem gone. We make effort to remove the regulation as soon as possible. If you have any message for us, please feel free to contact. You can use English (or Japanese if you can...). (By WebClap System(On the bottom of each topics of R7-4thMix), by Twitter, etc...) You should also read "About copyrights" on GATEWAY. Thanks for reading. :)
This is not my business but I also write about this. I found that he mentioned about some website of ROMs on his website. Is he a cracker...? lol A screenshot is here.

6, February, 2013
Writer : iF (The "true" producer of R7MIX Series)

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